2023 Ford Super Duty® – Most Powerful & Connected, Now Shipping To Customers

2023 Ford Super Duty Launch Kentucky Truck Plant Celebration

Ford, the No. 1 selling manufacturer of pickup trucks worldwide, has started shipping all trims of its all-new 2023 Super Duty pickup line to customers. These customers will soon have the opportunity to experience the truck’s exceptional work capability, innovative technology, and suite of cloud-based services that enhance productivity.

Ford alongside more than 9,000 UAW workers at the Kentucky Truck Plant and 1,800 UAW workers at the Ohio Assembly Plant, is assembling the all-new 2023 Ford Series Super Duty to meet the overwhelming customer demand with the most powerful and connected Super Duty ever created.

This production follows a recent $700 million investment that added 500 jobs for Louisville-assembled products, including the Super Duty, further exemplifying Ford’s Built for America commitment.

“Investing in our members is always the right thing to do. This announcement is another testament to the hard work our members give every single day of their lives. I thank Ford for continuing to invest in our members and communities.”

-Dave Green, UAW Region 2B Director

Built for America

Ford’s commitment to American production is evident in its position as the automaker that assembles the most vehicles in the U.S. and employs the largest number of hourly workers in the country. The Ford F-Series, the best-selling trucks in the U.S. for 46 consecutive years, embodies this commitment.

Approximately 11,000 UAW hourly workers, with over 9,000 at Kentucky Truck Plant and approximately 1,800 at Ohio Assembly Plant, assemble the Ford F-Series Super Duty. The operations in these two states, along with plant operations, local sales, suppliers, and employees, support nearly 200,000 direct and indirect jobs and contribute to a combined GDP of approximately $19 billion.

In Kentucky, Ford employs over 12,000 people, supporting nearly 120,000 direct and indirect jobs in the state and contributing $11.8 billion to the state’s GDP.

"The all-new 2023 Ford F-Series Super Duty is the tough-tested icon that our customers trust. It is the smartest and most capable truck we’ve ever built offering must-have towing tech, embedded 5G capability, over-the-air updates plus an entire suite of available Ford Pro Intelligence solutions to help maximize uptime and accelerate productivity. And of course, its best-in-class payload and towing, more than any of our competitors, means this truck can take on any job.”​

-Ted Cannis, Ford Pro CEO

Delivering for Customers

The production and initial customer deliveries mark a significant moment for Ford, the leader in the American truck market, and its customers, who are the builders and backbone of communities across the U.S.

In addition to its BUILT FORD TOUGH® power and capability, the all-new Super Duty is equipped with technology aimed at assisting workers in their jobs. It is the first pickup in the U.S. with embedded 5G capability† and features various driver-assist technologies. It also introduces the new Ford Pro Upfit Integration System**, designed for customers who rely on upfits and body equipment such as utility cranes and plows. The Super Duty’s 5G modem from Qualcomm Technologies can provide a Wi-Fi hotspot for up to 10 devices††, ensuring connectivity for workers and families on the go, while supporting Ford Power-Up software updates during drives to continuously improve the truck over time.

“Whether it is mining, emergency response, utility services, or towing a boat, Super Duty is the tool that gets the job done, and we know our customers are thrilled that it is coming,” said Cannis.

Focus on Lasting Quality​

For this launch, Ford focused on building a truck truly made for America’s builders.

“We know Super Duty customers; they push their trucks to the limits,” said Andrew Kernahan, Super Duty Chief Engineer. “There’s nothing that compares to putting vehicles out into the real world to see how they perform, so we tested Super Duty beyond its limits.”

Production-ready models underwent exhaustive real-world road testing with an emphasis on high mileage tests to meet the demands of Ford Pro commercial customers. Tripling the number of trucks used in trailer tow testing, and nearly quadrupling the count for Built Ford Tough durability testing provided additional quality data points compared to previous launches.

Robust testing is just the start. At Kentucky Truck and Ohio Assembly plants, Ford adopted a Zero-Defect Launch Process, increasing the number of quality checks during the assembly process. Once trucks roll off the line, every vehicle is driven 25 miles by a Ford employee as an additional quality check to help identify issues before delivery.

Jake Klug, Super Duty Body Team Manager, noticed hood fits on initial trucks that were within spec but still could be seen as dissatisfying to customers. Klug quickly pulled a small team together, working nights and weekends to ensure all trucks in hand fit the visual quality Super Duty customers expect.

* Assembled in America using domestic and foreign parts.
** Available spring 2023.
† Connected service and features depend on AT&T network availability and compatible plan; 5G not available everywhere. Evolving technology/cellular networks/vehicle capability may limit functionality and prevent operation of connected features. Available Wi-Fi hotspot requires separate AT&T subscription.


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