Ford and Duke Energy Launching Home Charging Pilot for EV Savings & Grid Sustainability

Ford F-150 Lightning Charging
Ford has unveiled a pilot initiative in collaboration with Duke Energy, targeting electric vehicle (EV) owners within their service region. The program, known as the EV Complete Home Charging Plan pilot, offers EV drivers the opportunity to save money, increase their use of clean energy, and contribute to the resilience of the electric grid while charging their vehicles at home.
This program’s primary objective is to bring greater predictability to the costs associated with home EV charging. It does so by providing a fixed, low monthly rate for the electricity consumed, in exchange for allowing Ford and Duke Energy to manage the timing of the charging process to better support the overall stability of the electrical grid.

The initiative will also play a role in bolstering the resilience of the electric grid. This will be achieved by efficiently organizing the home charging schedules of selected customers, prioritizing times when the grid experiences lower demand and greater availability of renewable energy sources. Starting in September, Ford electric vehicle owners, along with those from GM and BMW, will receive invitations to enroll in this program. The official launch of the EV Complete Home Charging Plan pilot is set for November 1st.

The connectivity features offered in our electric vehicles are revolutionizing the customer experience by creating easy opportunities to save money, support the electric grid and drive toward zero-carbon charging, our pilot program with Duke Energy is another strong example of providing customers with better vehicle ownership experiences, while also supporting our shared grid and sustainability aspirations.

- Bill Crider, Head of Global Charging and Energy Services, Ford Motor Company
For additional information regarding this announcement, kindly refer to Duke Energy’s press release accessible through this link.
Ford electric vehicle owners who meet the eligibility criteria can click on this link to enroll in the Duke Energy EV Complete Home Charging Plan Pilot:


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